Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

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Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo Mobile Overview:

The Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal: High-Quality Smartphones with Innovative Features at an Affordable Price

Smartphones are known for their high-quality cameras and innovative features, such as pop-up selfie cameras and in-display fingerprint sensors. The company has made significant investments in research and development to improve the overall user experience of their smartphones, making them highly sought after by consumers.

In addition to smartphones, Vivo also produces a range of accessories including earphones, chargers, and cases. The company has a strong presence in India, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world, including Nepal.

Vivo has become a popular brand in Nepal for consumers who are looking for high-quality smartphones with innovative features at an affordable price. If you are looking to buy a Vivo phone in Nepal, it’s essential to know the price range and where to buy them.

Vivo Mobile Price list:

ModelRam & StoragePrice in Nepal
Vivo Y1s2+32GBNRs 13,599
Vivo Y012+32GBNRs 13,999 
Vivo Y1S3+32GBNRs 14,999
Vivo Y12s3+32GBNRs 17,999
Vivo Y15c3+32GBNRs 17,999 
Vivo Y15s3+64GBNRs 19,999
Vivo Y203+64GBNRs 19,990
Vivo Y164+64GBNRs 19,999 
Vivo Y204+64GBNRs 22,799
Vivo Y224+64GBNRs 22,999 
Vivo Y20s4+64GBNRs 25,499
Vivo Y22s6+128GBNRs 27,999 
Vivo Y33s8+128GBNRs 29,999
Vivo Y358+128GBNRs 30,999 
Vivo Y518+128GBNRs 33,499
Vivo Y558+128GBNRs 33,999
Vivo Y53s8+128GBNRs 34,999
Vivo V20 SE8+128GBNRs 34,999
Vivo V21e8+128GBNRs 39,999
Vivo V23e8+128GBNRs 41,999
Vivo V25e8+128GBNRs 42,999
Vivo V218+128GBNRs 49,999
Vivo V23e8+256GBNRs 46,999
Vivo V25 5G8+128GBNRs 52,999
Vivo V23 5G8+128GBNRs 55,999 
The most recent vivo mobile price in Nepal is shown in this table.