Lava mobile price in Nepal

Lava mobile price in Nepal

Lava Mobile
Lava mobile price in Nepal

Lava Mobile Overview:

International Limited is an Indian mobile phone manufacturer that provides a wide range of smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and other electronic devices at an affordable price point. Lava smartphones are known for their various features such as dual cameras, fingerprint sensors, and high-resolution displays. The brand’s smartphones operate on both Android and KaiOS operating systems and are equipped with MediaTek processors. Lava mobile price in Nepal depend upon their model and specification.

Some of the most popular Lava smartphones in Nepal include the Lava Z6, Lava Z2 Max, and Lava Z1. These phones come with decent hardware specifications and are reasonably priced, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers. If you’re in Nepal and interested in purchasing a Lava mobile, you can check out the latest lava mobile prices in Nepal on the brand’s official website or other reputable online retailers.

Lava mobile Camera

Lava Mobile offers a wide range of smartphones, each with different camera capabilities. Therefore, to give you a comprehensive answer, I need more information about which specific Lava phone you’re interested in.

Knowing the model will allow me to provide details about its camera specs, performance in different lighting conditions, features like macro or portrait mode, and its overall strengths and weaknesses in terms of photography.

For example, Lava Agni 5G sports a quad-camera setup with a 64MP main sensor, capable of capturing high-resolution photos with vibrant details. Meanwhile, Lava Z61 has a more basic 8MP camera suitable for everyday use in decent lighting.

Lava mobile price in Nepal

Lava Mobile Display

Lava offers a diverse range of smartphones, so specifying the phone model would help me provide a more precise answer about its display. However, I can give you a general overview of display types typically found in Lava phones:

Display Panels:

  • IPS LCD: Most common, offering good viewing angles, decent color accuracy, and reasonable brightness. Found in budget and mid-range Lava phones like Z61 and Z91.
  • AMOLED: Less common, but becoming increasingly popular in higher-end models like Agni 5G. Features deeper blacks, higher contrast, and potentially brighter and more vibrant colors compared to IPS LCD.

Display Resolutions:

  • HD (720p): Found in budget-friendly Lava phones like X41 Plus.
  • HD+ (720×1600): Slightly higher resolution for sharper visuals, seen in mid-range models like Iris X8.
  • Full HD (1080p): Standard for mid-range and above phones like X46 and A79, offering good pixel density and clarity.
  • Full HD+ (1080×2400): Even higher resolution for sharper text and images, typically in flagship models like Agni 5G.

Additional Display Features:

  • Refresh Rate: Some Lava phones like Agni 5G boast a 90Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling and animations.
  • Touchscreen Sensitivity: Most Lava phones have accurate and responsive touchscreens.
  • Gorilla Glass Protection: Some higher-end models like Agni 5G have Gorilla Glass protection for added scratch and crack resistance.
Lava mobile price in Nepal

Lava Mobile Sounds

Just like with display and camera, the sound quality of Lava mobiles can vary significantly depending on the specific model. To give you the most accurate information, I’d need to know which Lava phone you’re interested in.

However, I can offer some general insights into the audio capabilities of Lava phones:


  • Single Speaker: Most budget and mid-range Lava phones like Z61 and X46 have a single bottom-firing speaker. It can be loud enough for everyday use, but might lack bass and stereo sound.
  • Dual Speakers: Some higher-end models like Agni 5G feature dual stereo speakers for a more immersive and richer audio experience with better bass and soundstage.

Audio Quality:

  • Budget and Mid-Range: In general, budget and mid-range Lava phones prioritize affordability over premium audio. While the sound quality is decent for calls and casual listening, it might not impress audiophiles with limited bass and clarity.
  • Higher-End: Flagship models like Agni 5G typically boast better audio hardware and software improvements for a more balanced and detailed sound experience. Some might even offer Dolby Atmos support for enhanced spatial audio.

Headphone Jack:

  • The good news is that most Lava phones, regardless of price range, still include a 3.5mm headphone jack. This provides flexibility for using wired headphones or earphones and potentially enjoying improved audio quality compared to the built-in speaker.

Lava Mobile price list in Nepal:

ModelRam & StoragePrice
Lava Iris 611/32GB5,999
Benco Y101/32GB6,599
Benco Y111/32GB6,999
Benco V602/32GB10,349
Benco V603/32GB10,849
Benco V622/32GB10,499
Benco V702/32GB9,999
Benco V702/64GB10,399
Benco V803/32GB9,639
Benco V804/64GB13,599
Benco V824/64GB11,999
Benco V904/64GB12,599
Benco V904/128GB14,799
Benco S14/128GB14,999
The most recent lava mobile price in Nepal is shown in this table.